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English to Arabic

  • You can search for any word in English and find its meaning in Arabic with many examples.
  • Right now, there are up to 2500 English words, and every day our team adds more.

Arabic to English

  • You are also able to search in Arabic and get results in English. 
  • All words are integrated with definitions and examples.
  • Until today, we have added around 3500 Arabic words, and each day we add more.

Arabic to Arabic

  • We have one of the most unique Arabic dictionaries on the web with features you would not find anywhere else.
  •  Hint! if you are interested in Arabic morphology , you are in the right place.
  • There are up to 45,000 roots and more words.


  • Expand you understanding to the language through more than 50,000 high quality  examples


  • Shortly, all words and examples will be spelled by native speakers. So, say goodbye to Google translator’s robotic voice.

Diacritical Marks

  • All Arabic examples are written, letter by letter, with these marks. Just click on the “check” sign,  and you can see or hide these marks.